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Visualize your data with individual dashboards

In real time, keep track of important KPIs that you define. Visualize case numbers, process times, the net-promoter-score and much more. The Dashboards module gives you and your employees direct insight into your business.

This module gives your staff and management direct insight into your institution. All data that is collected can be visualized using dashboards. This allows you to see in real time which processes are causing problems and how efficiently your staff is working. You can also retrospectively select a time period and compare, for example, the figures from different quarters or fiscal years. You tell us which visualizations and data sets are important to you. We then create the right dashboards for you, individually tailored to your business.

Combined with Timestamps

Combined with the Timestamps module, you can interactively explore, compare and evaluate processes such as OR duration or different waiting times. You can compare different operators, or investigate specifically to discover patterns.

Combined with Forms

The Forms module provides you with additional data from your patients or other persons, which can also be statistically evaluated. For example, you can measure the net-promoter-score (NPS) or other important KPIs in real time. You can also see the response rate visualized for each form.