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Your tool for everyday
outpatient care

From planning to
quality management

Modular design

Choose from different modules and put together a package with the functions that are right for you.


We customize the software to meet your individual needs. If we do not offer your desired functions, they can be developed for you.


We manage the entire server infrastructure. You do not need to worry about security and maintenance.

Why MonitOP?


Increase the efficiency of your staff. Through the digital execution of various processes, your employees gain time. For example, time stamps no longer have to be entered manually, but can be saved during the operation with the press of a button.

Quality improvement

Thanks to the new insights into your business, you can identify problems and improve process quality and the quality of your service as a whole. For example, you can analyze waiting and changeover times or evaluate feedback from your patients to find out where improvements can be made.


Whether it is internal requirements or you want to make a comparison to to other institutions - various KPIs such as the NPS provide you with real-time information about the performance of your business.


Keep up with technological change and replace analog with digital processes to be ready for the future.


Create a complete long-term data foundation, which you can use for further purposes such as reporting.

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