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Define timestamps and record them before, during and after the operation

Using the web interface on a PC or the MonitOP app interface on a tablet, you can easily record the time stamps you defined in your daily routine.

Overview patients

This module allows you to have an overview of all patients and the status of operations. In real time you can see in which step of the operations your patients are.

Timestamp recording

You specify the timestamps that are important to you, e.g. patient entry or incision. These timestamps are then captured live by your staff and can be reused later for statistical analysis, benchmarking, dashboards and regulatory compliance. Capture timestamps before, during, and after surgery to ensure quality standards at your institution.

OR App

The OR app is specially designed for the operating room and enables time stamp recording on a tablet on-the-go. Thanks to the easy-to-use interface, documenting process steps is easy and does not have to be entered afterwards.


With the data collected, you gain insights into processes and the efficiency of your staff. You can make comparisons and identify problems.