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Plan your operations and create timetables

The Planning module adds functionality for planning your operations. Via drag and drop you create a timetable, which you can then be distributed as an Excel or PDF file.


The planner allows you to plan the daily schedule of your institution. You can drag and drop surgeries into the desired operating room to create a surgery schedule. Automatic scheduling is also possible at the click of a button. For each case, you specify the duration of the surgery, the duration of the changeover time (the time needed until the next surgery) and the lead time (the time scheduled for the patient before the surgery). With this information, efficient daily schedules can be planned.


In the calendar you have an overview of the entire month. This view makes it easier for your administrative staff to plan and optimally distribute operations over the month.


As soon as the planning of a surgery schedule has been completed, it can be exported as an Excel list in the format you specify. This program can then be passed on to third parties.


Surgical plans can be signed by your staff directly in MonitOP. In this way, you ensure that all parties are in agreement with the surgical program and have already seen it once before it is sent out.