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Communicate with your patients via online questionnaires

This module allows you to communicate with your patients or with other people. You provide us with the questions you want to have in the form and we generate an online version of your questionnaire, which you can embed on your website.

Online questionnaire

Our online questionnaires are particularly user-friendly, created with modern technologies. The user-friendly implementation results in a high response rate. When creating the questionnaire, you can choose from different question types. Depending on the type, statistical analysis and the creation of a dashboard is possible.

Fully automated

The questionnaires are automatically sent to your patients. You define when the corresponding questionnaire should be sent, for example 24h after the procedure, with two reminders. The patients then open it via the personalized link. After completion, the answers go directly back into MonitOP and are automatically assigned to the case.

Warnings and workflow

You define the threshold at which a warning should be triggered. If the patient answers a question in a particularly negative way, for example severe pain after surgery, a warning is triggered, to which your employees can react. In a next step, you can document why the warning was triggered