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Base module

Create operations and export all captured data

The base module represents the platform on which you build your individual software. Each MonitOP version includes the possibility to create and manage cases. You define the data points that are to be collected. All your data can be exported at any time as an Excel spreadsheet.

Data points

You decide which data about a case should be recorded in MonitOP. Such data can be, for example, personal data of the patient or information about the surgery. These data points are then captured by your staff and can eventually be exported and evaluated. If you have the Dashboards module, dashboards can be created based on this data.

Process steps

Furthermore, you can define process steps as data points, for example contacting the patient before the procedure. This allows you to document when and how the patient was contacted.


If your administrative staff receives a cancellation from a patient, it can be documented directly in MonitOP along with the reason for the cancellation.

Data export

All data recorded in MonitOP can be exported at any time. Just select a time period, whereupon an Excel file is downloaded, in which all the data recorded in MonitOP is present. For example, you can generate annual statistics or continue working with the raw data and create a reporting.


You can conveniently access MonitOP from all your devices on the go. You only need a web browser to launch the app and then you can log in.